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Two Common Thieves
The trials, tribulations, and triumphs of a Christian couple.

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26 Lahyorz in Christ
0 0
Weekly blog to encourage and strengthen our christian walk. Applying biblical principles to everyday situations in order to live a balanced and prosperous life.
27 PrayBuddy - Best Place For Prayer & Encouragement
0 0
Submit a prayer request and encourage others as you pray for them in our online community.
28 FashionWorkbook
0 0
Connecting God to my career in fashion and style. The Fashionworkbook blog gives advise with fashion and style: Lookbook, illustrations, reviews, collection update, trendforecasting, 3d construction,
29 Christian Church in Tempe
0 2
Grace Community Church in Tempe, AZ is a non-denominational Christian church that believes that the Bible is the inspired Word of God. All the ministries at Grace are built upon the Word of God and we preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The people at Grace
30 Be Thou Clean
0 0
This site will provide knowledge on various topics.
31 Be the Hands
0 0
Christian website, Christian perspective.
32 All These Things
0 0
ďAll These ThingsĒ is a collection of my thoughts about life and the Biblical principles that we can use to live it (life) more abundantly. I believe that God will provide all of our physical needs as
33 prayeramedic
0 0
prayeramedic: Equipping His Remnant

I hope to remind the church and world that God isnít in the home improvement business. He isnít remodeling. Heís into demolition and construction. New life in Christ means death to the old life in self.

The centra
34 Scribblin' Scribe
0 0
In which a scribe of Yahweh scribbles about life, love and the Lord.
35 Elyong
0 0
Living life. Learning from it. Living it again.
36 This I Do...
0 1
Uplifting scriptures and devotions with an emphasis on worship.
37 You See Dry Bones
0 0
A look at orthodox theology through the humorous life of the author.
38 The New Covenant
0 0
Daily Scripture passage, with reflection on how it pertains to life today.
39 Alexander
0 0
Devotionals, books, and the Word...
40 Joyful Christian Wife
0 0
Finding the Joy and Blessings in Everyday Life.
41 In His Glorious Name Ministries
0 0
In His Glorious Name Ministries, over 100 online Christian Ministry sites.
42 The Prayer Ministry
0 0
The Prayer Ministry
43 Angelic Encounters
0 0
All About Angels And The Angelic
44 Christ's Redeeming Passion
0 0
All about the redeeming passion of Jesus
45 Christ in all the Scriptures
0 0
Bible reading notes
46 The Kingdom Of Heaven
0 0
All About The Kingdom Of Heaven
47 Truth Unedited
0 0
Site dedicated to spreading the gospel of Jesus through online bible commentary. I strive to educate, inspire, inform, and teach the readers concerning walking in relationship with God through Jesus C
48 Sailing by Starlight
0 1
Mother of Four's reflections of grace from the sacred everday of an ordinary life.
Windscraps, poems, prayers. Messages in bottles washed upon the shore.
49 Meliday
0 0
A blog about my spiritual journey as well as the great adventure that is pursuing a B.A. in English.
50 See The World Through His Herat
0 0
To magnify His Finished Work, the abundant of His Grace and the gift of Righteousness...

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